“Mapping LGBTQ+ History in Watauga County” Exhibit

In the Autumn of 2022, I worked with a partner to research LGBTQ+ history in Watauga County and develop ways in which we could share that information. In the Spring of 2022, I led a small team to take this project from the research and development stages into production. I created a website, Mapping LGBTQ+ History in Watauga County, using Omeka S to highlight important LGBTQ+ communities and individuals, and the local spaces that they made for themselves. The site includes digitized archival material, an interactive map, informational location profiles, an exhibit, and further resources. I also guided my team to make ethical and mindful decisions concerning the display and discussion of sensitive subject matter.

Because the site is hosted through Appalachian State University’s Digital Collections, we set this project up in a way that future research teams can easily continue adding new stories and digitizing material. Future teams will also have the opportunity to continue building upon the relationships that we have initiated with community and institutional stakeholders. Our hope is that this will become a living site that is enhanced through future investments in partnerships and research.

Mapping LGBTQ+ History in Watauga County will be publicly available in May of 2022. I have included images of several sample pages from the site here until then.

Digitized archival material made searchable through an interactive map (zoomed in)
A location profile featuring digitized archival material, original research, and a link to our relevant exhibit